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PROCLAMATION: National Voter Registration Day 2017

WHEREAS,         One of the most fundamental and sacred rights of any democracy is the right to vote; in order for our government to function effectively and respond to the needs of our people, citizens must play a role in shaping it. Each year on National Voter Registration Day, we reaffirm the strong sense of civic duty among our people and encourage friends, family members, and neighbors to get involved by registering to vote.


WHEREAS,         It is up to each individual to exercise the right that so many struggled to obtain and protect. Too often do voters disengage in the electoral process when the President of the United States is not on the ballot. It is important for voters to participate in every election.                          


WHEREAS,         The elections in 2018 are of paramount importance, and the outcomes of these elections directly impact the citizens of Collier County. The leaders elected next year are our decision makers in our community and our voice in Tallahassee and in Washington D.C. When we do not take full advantage of the right to vote, we not only give away our voice, we also give away the ability to shape our community’s future.


WHEREAS,         Today, National Voter Registration Day, we recommit to exercising one of the most precious rights we have as Americans and take seriously our responsibility to make our voices heard in the next election cycle.


NOW THEREFORE, be it proclaimed by the Board of County Commissioners of Collier County, Florida, that September 26 be designated as


Voter Registration Day


DONE AND ORDERED THIS 26th Day of September, 2017


                                                                      BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS

                                                                      COLLIER COUNTY, FLORIDA




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