Be a Collier County election worker and help others exercise their right to vote, make a little money and perhaps develop some new friendships!  


Election workers are registered Collier County voters who work at the polls during early voting and on Election Day.

To be considered for selection by the Supervisor of Elections, election workers MUST:

  • Be registered to vote in Collier County;

  • Be able to read and write in English;

  • Complete the orientation program and training sessions;

  • Ability to work a 12-14 hour shift;

  • Deal with the public in a courteous and patient manner;

  • Act in a non-partisan way while working at the polls.

Physical demands include standing, bending, stooping, lifting approximately 45 lbs., adequate vision and manual/physical dexterity. Experience with computers is helpful.

Election workers must work Election Day from 6 a.m. until after the polling place closes (polls are open 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.).

Groups are welcome too: Organizations who would like to raise funds by “adopting” a precinct and providing staff/volunteers to become election workers, please visit our “Adopt-a-Precinct” page.

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Please complete the online application.

Once your completed application has been processed, you will be invited to attend an Election Worker Orientation.



Each election worker first attends an hour-long orientation to become familiar with the election process and worker responsibilities, and to complete a skills assessment.
View the current orientation schedule.

If selected, election workers must then participate in training before each election as required by law. Classes are both online and in person (2-3 hours long, depending on position) and start 45 days prior to the election.



The following positions comprise the Election Worker Team:

Clerk: Manages all operations at the precinct to help ensure a smooth election process.
Compensation $200

Ballot Specialist: Assists the Clerk with ballot distribution, scanning, equipment troubleshooting and voters with disabilities.
Compensation $180

EViD Specialist: Assists the Clerk with voter verification, equipment functionality and precinct operations.
Compensation $180

Inspector: Processes voters at check-in and assists them with voting procedures.
Compensation $160

Poll Deputy: Works outside the precinct greeting voters and maintaining order.
Compensation $150

Call Center Operator: Answers calls from precincts that need assistance and additional voter verification.
Compensation $205

Limited positions may also be available for early voting sites. Compensation $10-12/hr. 

Temp Customer Service/Vote-by-Mail Rep:  Assists with answering phones, updating voter records, processing notices and Vote-by-Mail requests (requires 9-week election commitment). 
Compensation $10/hr



Do you speak multiple languages? We are looking for individuals who can help voters whose first language is Spanish or Creole.