Trish Robertson, Public Relations Officer
Desk: (239) 252-8052 | Cell: (239) 776-1131

Melissa Blazier, Chief Deputy Supervisor of Elections
Desk: (239) 252-8333

Exit Polling

Members of the media are allowed to conduct exit polling within the 150" ft non-solicitation zone as long as it is conducted in an area that does not interfere with voter access to the polling place (F.S. 102.031(4)(b)).

If you plan to conduct an exit poll, we recommend contacting our office in order to better assist you in determining a good location and to all inform the election workers of your presence. Individuals who contact our office two business days prior to the Election Day will receive an ID badge identifying them as Exit Pollsters.

Access to Polling Locations

Members of the media are not allowed in the polling room execept to vote, observe the setup prior to the opening of the polls, or to observe the closing of the polls.

No photography is permitted in the polling room during early voting or on Election Day, except an elector may photographic his or her own ballot (F.S. 102.031(5)).

Election workers are instructed to decline interviews and refer media to the Supervisor of Elections office.

Tracking Turnout & Results

Beginning with Vote-by-Mail ballot returns, you can visit our website to follow voter turnout tracking ballots cast, not votes counted. Early Voting ballot returns and wait times will also be available during the Early Voting period and Election Day turnout will also be available.

On election night, approximately 30 minutes after the polls close, the first preliminary results will be posted on  The initial report will including results from voted mail ballots and Early Voting.  All subsequent reports will include Election Day precinct results.  A link to the "Florida Election Watch" will also be provided to follow statewide results.